a human being made this. this exists. what kind of world do we live in. im ashamed and confused.

im so hard

how to fedora

first off you gotta indulge in the greatest show in tv history. its called my little pony and its the most euphoric show out there. you must also experience an epiphany and understand that religion is for fucking morons and that once you shed the skin of the slave of religion and step into your new independent mind only then are you worthy of such a majestic piece of headgear. 

but a warning, with such a power comes great responsibility. once your crown sits upon your superior head women will immediately flock to you. while this may be a temptation hold strong my fedora friend. only date those who can appreciate a true gentleman and his nice guy antics.

Do u even mlg m9

n00b who the fuck do you think you are, in the name of the fedora i swear ill fucking pwn you in any game. you probably are some sims playing belieber, lawl n00b

and here we see a true gentleman sticking it to these swag yolo douchebags who cant tell the difference between a fedora and a trilby. great jab fedora lord, youll get your reward in a flock of ladies for you know they cant resist a true gentlemans charms

be my fedora daddy

oh yeah baby, give daddy a fedora tip